Start Your Business Selling Products Formulated by Zineglob under Your Label


Zineglob is a producer as well as wholesaler having great low prices as well as high quality of Argan Oil and Prickly Pear Seeds as well as Rose Water and all other Moroccan products for cosmetics and beauty. You can start your business and buy cosmetics at Zineglob’s internet website or on Amazon.

Private label

Or you can customize your own label or your own brand name to advance your market as well as profit due to the best prices from Zineglob to match your budget. Add your own logo, choose your own colors and personalize your text all to create your visual ID in only a few minutes. Their design team will finalize your sketches and provide the final designs all within 72 hours.

Zineglob’s array of products

They propose a large array of products that are extracted from nature and are part of Moroccan inheritance. Being aware that nature is the main source of beauty and health, they present their clients with a variety of organic products. They select the best ingredients for each product since they aim to encourage the local products of Morocco and supply these outstanding qualities to their clients.

Customized formulation

A formulation is their job as producer of organic cosmetics and other products. Their Research and Development Department, as well as their production team, blend various ingredients such as Argan Oil, Natural Rose Water, and pure Prickly Pear oil, all to innovate as well as create new formulas in order to produce the very newest to our clients.



Their clients are the core of Zineglob’s strategy so that is why they provide all certification, information as well as authorizations needed to help them to create their business or brands enabling their clients to extend and build their markets. These products are manufactured in Zineglob’s plant and comply with all international cosmetic regulations. All raw materials used in their products have the correct certifications including USDA Organic, NOP Organic, as well as FDA.

Client’s support

Their strategy focuses on their clients by offering product quality that is the best as well as outstanding customer service. That is why they propose private label, customized formulation, certification, and shipping services. For more information please visit