Which Is Better To Use In A Ketogenic Diet – Butter Or Ghee?


A ketogenic diet is very popular as well as a very successful dieting plan worldwide, where dieters are recommended to eat less carbohydrate and to focus on their protein and fat intake. Usually, the carbohydrates that are in food are transformed into glucose, which then goes through the body and is especially important in fuelling brain function. But, if little carbs remain in the diet, the liver changes fat into ketone bodies and fatty acids. These ketone bodies pass to the brain and replace glucose as a means of energy.


A Keto diet is high-fat, satisfactory-protein, and very low in carbohydrates that in the field of medicine is used mostly for the treatment to control the difficulty of epilepsy in some children. This was when this diet came to the attention of dieters. The diet forces the body to burn the fats rather than carbohydrates.

Ghee vs butter in Keto

If you are wanting to consume the right kinds of fats and provide yourself with energy on a keto diet which is the better choice, ghee vs butter? When compared to butter, ghee contains more fat per gram than butter. Ghee from cows has a long shelf life – grass fed is much more shelf stable and can be maintained without refrigeration which saves on space in a refrigerator. Ghee vs butter nutrition is better for lactose intolerant individuals and contains more vitamins, butyrate, and CLAs that are gut-friendly as well as better for your health.

Other differences

With ghee vs butter, taste is about the same as ghee is just butter with milk solids removed and this does not change the taste of any recipes it is used in. When cooking with ghee vs butter, ghee is much better in cooking as its smoking point is 485 degrees Fahrenheit which is higher than the smoking point of butter at 350 degrees. So, you can easily use ghee for sautéing, baking and roasting without the risk of destroying any of the important nutrients.

Vitamin intake

Adding a small amount of ghee in your daily diet is a great way to get in some added fat-soluble vitamins. Ghee also helps with boosting your intake of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K which are vital nutrients playing a big role in everything from maintaining healthy vision to keeping your skin in good condition.