What is a Food Tour? Interesting things to know


Tourism is the field that has got many offshoots. Medical tourism, wellness tourism, education tourism, etc are some interesting terms that have been making rounds amongst avid travelers. Adding more purpose to traveling from one country to another, adds to the extra fun of the journey providing tourists something to look forward to. What people come back with is a new learning, a newer version of them. In a series of interesting tours, a food tour is one that entices gourmets all over the world.

Food tours Bangkok, for instance, are typically interesting because of the flavourful dishes Thai cuisine is famous for. Additionally, the localities of this city also have historical and visual significance. Thus, making food the core feature of a tour ensures one thing and that is – a person will not have to worry about how he is going to feed himself during the course of the trip.

How a typical day looks like in food tour Bangkok

All people need tea or coffee to start the day with, normally. So, a Thai iced coffee is certainly the thing to look forward to giving your day a kickstart. While meeting the locals and absorbing the culture and flavor of the city, tourists are offered various foods like Duck and Silky Pork and a delectable fruit to balance the flavor. Then, the tourists are taken off for a stroll or cycling to let them come close to the city. This is followed by a hearty breakfast/brunch comprising of typical Thai dishes. The other round of strolling ensues in the Bangkok Food Tour itinerary and you get to visit another important location – a temple or a museum. The day finally wraps up with the stay in luxury establishments where tourists can enjoy a beer or other beverage of their choice and indulge in merry-making activities.

Bangkok food tours are undoubtedly an interesting combination of food and fun and offer loads of memories and experiences of the tourists.