Enjoy the Mediterranean Foods Made Deep in the Heart of New York


In Limani, you will go back in time to the attractive Mediterranean shores of Cyprus and Greece. At roslyn restaurants you will experience the cultural dashes with our welcoming ambiance and atmosphere, you and your family or friends will feel at home in this restaurant. We have established a place that is relaxing and lets this restaurant take care of the hard work that goes into every one of their dishes.


Their menu is always being updated with only the freshest of ingredients and seafood flown right from the coastal shores to be prepared in the traditional Mediterranean style. Eat there today and experience a little slice of Cyprus and Greece by connecting your taste buds with the timeless shores of the Mediterranean, right in the heart of New York City at Roslyn.

Mediterranean food

When thinking of Mediterranean food, you can picture pitas and hummus and little else. The foods of countries around the Mediterranean Sea are very diverse. So exactly what is Mediterranean food? It comprises dishes from the European countries such as Italy, Spain and Greece; countries of North African such as Algeria, Morocco, and Libya, Eastern countries, such as Lebanon, Turkey as well as Syria.

This area is rich in a wide assortment of spices and ingredients that makes ordinary food dishes come alive and pop with flavor. What more, the food of these countries is set with healthy ingredients that are fresh as well as good for you. It is this perfect combination of taste as well as sustenance that has made Mediterranean food popular around the world.


For many centuries, the residents of countries around the Mediterranean Sea have enjoyed an extremely low risk of many types of cancers, reduced perils for developing heart disease and increased longevity in years. This diet is rich in lean proteins, such as chicken, legumes, fish; fresh vegetable and fruits; whole grain that is unprocessed nuts and seeds; healthy fats like olive oil; with a limited intake of red meats or dairy. It all adds up to a nutritionally balanced diet that encourages improving health and well-being.