Sliced Pig – A Wholesome Pork Filled With Nutrients


Sliced pig [หมูสไลด์, which are the term in Thai] is the most popular flesh of pig consumed by millions of people worldwide. People from different countries eat sliced pig. The body of the pig is first to cut into 4 or 6 parts. These significant cuts are known as primal cuts. The different parts of the body of the pig are used in various non-vegetarian dishes.

These parts are sold on a wholesale in many countries. It is very beneficial to add sliced pig in our daily diet for a healthy body. Tenderloin and ham are the various types of meat obtained from the sliced pigs. Pigs are sliced into different parts, which are further useful in many ways. The intake of the sliced pig is banned in Islam and Judaism. Each different piece of a pig is famous in different countries. The sliced pig has a large number of vitamins and proteins.

Parts of the pig and uses:

The body of the pig is slice into different parts like Head, Shoulder including blade and picnic, loin, belly including spare ribs and side, legs. All these parts are useful in many ways. They are specially added in many dishes. The head of the animal is used in making stocks and different kinds of soups. The ears of the pig are boiled, fried, and then baked. The sliced pig has micronutrients such as Selenium, B-12, and zinc.

The cheeks of the pig are used in making Jowls. Jowls are also popularized as Carrillada. It is also known as Carrileja in some of the Spanish countries. The loin part of the pig has well-ordered prearrangement of the muscle cells. The ribs of the pig are known as spare ribs. They are taken from the meat surrounded by the bones. It contains a lot of fat and is used for barbecuing.

The legs of the pig are also known as Hams. The leg of the pig is used for making leg steaks. The front and the hind trotters both can be effectively cooked and consumed. They are also known as pigs’ feet. The tail of the pig has very less meat. It can also be roasted and fried. It has an excellent flavor. It makes the skin very crispy. Sliced pig is used in many delicious dishes.