Fast Desserts you Can Make to Serve Your Guests


When you have guests who would be coming to your home duly, then to serve them go for quick, easy dessert recipes. They are easy to make, and the crowd would surely love it. Whether you want something that would be light or something that would be heavy, you would find in the article. There is a big batch of recipes here that you could go through to get an idea regarding desserts that you could create within a short period.

Ice Cream Truffles:

When you have your kid’s birthday or any kind of social get together at home, then this is an easy recipe that you could go for. It would surely be loved by the children.

It is a no-bake dessert that you could go for and which you would be able to serve to more than 30 people at once. Just roll the scoops of the ice cream and put in the chopped candy bars. Place each of the truffles in small bowls and serve them to your guests.

Mint-Melon Pops:

This is a refreshing dessert that you could go to for summer afternoon parties. When you have added all the mixture and churned them well, you could then put them into the paper cups.

But before serving, make sure that you pop out the frozen treats from the paper cups. It is a great healthy sweets recipe that you could go for, and it would be great for people who want to lose their weight as well.

Strawberry Shortcake:

If you have a cake mix with you, then this would take no more than 20 minutes for you to bake. It is a seasonal favorite but surely would be able to feed 12 people, and if you make more batches, then more.

Chocolate Ganache Sandwiches:

If you are back from your hectic work but have to bake something for the desserts, then you could go for this recipe. With sandwich topped with chocolate in between the store brought crackers that would contain chocolate as well. It is a great recipe that would take not more than 20 minutes and would serve 30 people without any hassle.    

You could also go for easy doughnuts, lemon bars, the options are endless when you are looking for options with which you would be able to make quick desserts for your family and friends who would be visiting your place.