Make Sure Your Halloween Pumpkin Stays Fresh and Pest Free!


Autumnal food is on the menu as we approach the beginning of November. Pumpkins are readily available now, and there is nothing more delicious than pumpkin pie. Or even some yummy pumpkin soup!

However, with Halloween fast approaching, I‘m sure you are starting to think about pumpkins in a different way! Will you, like so many of your neighbors, be carving a pumpkin to make a lantern for outside your house? While pumpkins taste amazing, it’s also exciting to plan what your Halloween pumpkin lantern will look like when it’s lit. The trouble is though, that having a pumpkin sitting on your doorstep can attract pests, which is probably something you don’t want to deal with.

We have teamed up with Diamond Pest Control, local London pest experts, to give you some great advice on making sure that pumpkin pests don’t ruin your spooky season. Mice, rats, squirrels, al various types of insects love a bit of pumpkin. Here are diamonds top tips for preventing them from being attracted to yours.

Remove the Guts

To protect your prized creation from being targeted by pests, the first step to take is to remove all of their innards. For many people, this is a normal step when pumpkin carving. Surprisingly, some folks leave this step out. Which is not a good idea. The last thing you need is a mice infested pumpkin, so removing all of the moist and sticky parts of the pumpkin makes it much less attractive to pests. The drier the inside, the better. Removing the moisture also means your pumpkin won’t rot as quickly either.

Placing the Pumpkin

A great place to put your pumpkin is somewhere out of the path of the wind. This stops flying insects from being drawn to it, reducing the risk of the pumpkin becoming infested. Try to keep your pumpkin under cover as much as possible so, that inclement weather doesn’t leave it exposed to pests. The damper it is, the more likely it will attract them.

Place It on Cardboard

When you place your pumpkin, pop a piece of cardboard underneath it. Any bugs that are trying to attack the pumpkin will be clearly seen on the cardboard around it. If you start to see pests on the cardboard, remove them so they can’t infest the pumpkin and cause problems. Whether you lovingly grew the pumpkin yourself or it was shop bought, this is an effective tip.

Clean Out the Pumpkin

Pests can infest a pumpkin quite quickly. When they do, they get into their very tightest spaces. If you notice pests hiding in the corners of your pumpkin, you need to get rid of them from all the nooks and crannies. Bacteria will tend to grow on the inside, attracting pests such as fruit flies. Bacteria will speed up decay. And the presence of pests will speed the process even more.

A simple way of doing this is by getting a strong spray bottle and spraying inside the pumpkin with lemon and vinegar water. Depending on how long you’re leaving your pumpkin outside, you should give it a clean at regular intervals. This practice will wash away the bugs you can’t reach. It also helps to keep hungry animals away, and it ensures your Halloween creation remains fresh in the process.