Food Recruiters for the Food and Beverage Industry


This website is recruiting for food workers and currently has over 12,000 beverage and food jobs in beverage and food manufacturing listed from hundreds of this industry’s leading recruiters and companies. Food Recruiters RFS has become the largest beverage and food industry-specific job board on the internet.

Variety of opportunities

Careers in food processing involve an assortment of opportunities for jobs outside plant management, quality control, food science and sales. It doesn’t matter if you have a degree in human resources, accounting or are still looking for a career in marketing, maintenance, or environmental safety and health, the manufacturing food industry could be the very first step in your career.

Currently working in food manufacturing

If you are currently working in food manufacturing or have experience in any related field such as food equipment, supplements, nutraceuticals, or even animal nutrition, is the number 1 source for jobs in the food industry.

RFS understands

At RFS, they understand that while technical career match is vital in finding the correct applicants for your job order, it is important to hire candidates that will match the culture of your company. This website will find multiple well-qualified candidates for your job order and then help you pick the applicant who is the best to hire and will help your food company grow. RFS is nationwide recruiters that leave no stone unturned when helping your company find the applicants that will expand your business.

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RFS recruits in many areas of foods

This RFS recruit people in the areas of food manufacturing, food science, consumer packaged goods and the flavor industry. RFS has been recruiting in these areas for over 25 years, so they have a deep and comprehensive database of candidates. Their Google rankings job boards increase the depth of their applicant database.

Focus on food science recruitment

RFS maintains a strong focus on food science recruitment. They have a rich database of food science applicants as well as a strong network of food science contacts. They focus on positions for food scientists, food technologists, food research and development, product development, food quality assurance/control, food safety, food chemistry, food compliance, food regulatory etc. They will find the best food science talent for your open position; they will find that “Perfect Match”