Hot Catering Trends You Should Try


Similar to other food services, catering companies in Las Vegas follow trends and fads. The need for catering is only bound to grow year by year and caterers study new meals and styles to entertain guests. Whether it is your first time hiring Las Vegas caterers or have been doing the same for a long time, we present you trends for catering services.

Going Green and Healthy

With the move towards dietary restrictions, menu items that are strictly vegetarian, gluten-free and vegan have recently become popular.  For instance, more people are now straying away from meals with gluten. More catering companies are now using better alternatives and some even offer superfoods for the health conscious.

Catering firms are gearing towards using homegrown food ingredients. These are believed to be healthier, more delicious and its use supports local industries. While certain fruits and vegetables are not available year-round, some offer rotating menus depending on the season.

New Combinations

Instead of opting for the traditional, why not ask your caterer if they have special menus and combinations to serve? They can opt for artisan styled offerings, where food items are produced in small batches. You may also experiment on their food and drink combinations such in the case of wines and beers.

If you are going for a relaxed vibe, menus based on street food will light up any somber scene. From tacos to tapas to dim sum, take an international food and do something different. Nonetheless, you may also go for the all-time favorite chocolate fountain if the caterer is offering one. Low-cost dipping items like marshmallows and pretzels can offset the additional cost of renting one.

Unique Presentation

Las Vegas Caterers are known to prioritize style and presentation for their services. People look for unique experience and presentation when they attend an occasion. They will most likely remember things that were beyond ordinary and how the food was plated. The age of social media also lets catering companies in Las Vegas to be creative in their presentation. You can get more instagram followers from this site. Images of their menu online count as free promotion, so caterers are tasked to create memorable and appetizing plating.

Instead of employing an ordinary buffet, food stations across the dining table suits large crowds better. Group the food items according to their nature, such as appetizers and finger snacks. This also suits best in cocktail settings, where people mostly socialize rather than getting food to fill their hungry stomachs. Food stations reduce the queue time that could have been spent on other event programs.

Attention to Details

Catering is an experience, rather than simply serving food to the guests. From the choice of cutlery to the method of serving food, clients are now getting hands-on with catering services. Consequently, catering services have evolved to an industry that takes a look at the smallest details. Event organizers and guests set their standards to an event held by a caterer.

Final Considerations

Reputable Las Vegas caterers are bound to rise from the ordinary. Note that communication is crucial to successful catering event. Contact Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services and consult your catering ideas for any events.