Make Your Own Sushi Rolls


It’s no wonder why sushi is so popular now in America; it’s a guilt-free, delicious “fast food.” With its combination of fish, fresh vegetables, and rice, it’s a healthier option than burgers or pizza.

While sushi is delicious, the downside is that it’s expensive, which is why people don’t eat it on a regular basis.

But you might not know that you can get good sushi at home, and it’s not as difficult to make as you might think. True, it does take a little practice, but if you can make a pie, you have the skills necessary to make sushi.

Consider these tips for making sushi at home.


The main reason most sushi is expensive is the seafood, but you can make sushi cheaper at home if you substitute crab for tuna or other fish. The other advantage to starting out with crab is if you mess up, you’re not throwing good money away on expensive seafood. Other ingredients to consider when making your first sushi roll are: cucumber, avocado, wasabi, rice vinegar, soy sauce, seaweed sheets, and pickled ginger. With these ingredients, you can make the basic California Roll. Once you’re a master at making this, you can move on to something more challenging.

Tools of the Trade

To make a good sushi roll, you’re going to have to have certain tools to make the job easier. These tools include a sharp knife, a bamboo rolling mat, a rice cooker, plastic wrap, bowl of water with a dash of vinegar, and wet paper towels.

First Steps

The first step in making good sushi is to cook your rice. Traditional sushi contains short grain Japanese rice, and that’s what you should go with. If you’re unsure what to get, most companies label this rice as sushi rice.

Once your rice is cooked, fluff it and add a dash of a mixture containing vinegar/sugar/salt. Sprinkle this onto your cooked rice and stir gently.

Once that’s completed, it’s time to prepare your meat and vegetables. For best results, slice vegetables lengthwise.

Roll, Baby, Roll

Before you roll, wrap plastic wrap around your bamboo mat to keep things from sticking. Keep a bowl of water with a splash of vinegar handy to keep your hands moist. Place your ingredients onto the seaweed wrap and set it up so that you can roll it away from your body.

Once your ingredients are set, roll gently and pack the ingredients as you go being careful not to crush the rice.

Once rolled, place the sushi roll on your cutting board and with your sharp knife, cut into four slices, being careful not to cut too thin or the ingredients will fall out.

Plain or Saucy?

Depending on your tastes, you can choose to dip your sushi in wasabi or soy sauce, or you can eat it plain. Some people prefer pickled ginger to add a little spice to their sushi.

Once you’re competent, it’s time to experiment with more complex ingredients such as salmon or tuna.

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