Manage Your Catering Business With These Pro Tips


If you decided to follow the food path and create your own catering company, congratulations! You have chosen a very rewarding job. A catering business can be challenging. It is not a job for everyone. Due to the nature of the business, fast speed and quality food requirements, there will be challenges and difficulties every single day. Working food and pleasing people through food is always something fun and exciting to explore.

In a catering business, you have to be ready to offer your customers options that suit their dietary needs and tastes. Whether it is a wedding, corporate function or just a family picnic, you have to give what they need. In this sense, a catering business needs to control many aspects of the product and service provided.

Fit you client’s needs

According to the type of event your client is hosting you will need to adjust your services. Weddings and big parties will need larger quantities of food and more variety on the menu. Business meetings and seminars may offer just some snacks and beverages. If a business conference takes all day long, you may need to offer some lunch options for the attendees to choose from.

The most important tip here is always to pay attention to detail. There is no need of guessing what the client wants, and you can ask directly and offer a wide variety of options to cater for vegetarians, meat eaters and even religious options such as halal food.

Use the right Catering Software

Due to the dynamism of the business nature: products made to order, specific quantities, specific delivery date and time you will need a catering and event software. There are many options of Catering and Event Management Software. To smoothly run some options and control how the group interacts you must find a Catering and Event Management Software to assist you running on business and minimize mistakes and inefficiencies. You can create the finest proposals and reports with the use of the proper software. After setting an event in the calendar, you can add the details, create the food order and delegate functions to your team. This will make the event flow seamlessly and in a coordinated way. Find a user-friendly and intuitive software and your business will definitely be boosted.

Know the event

It is not enough to know the number of people. You need to know what the party is about, where it is going to be located and some other details. These aspects will determine many factors from the menu you are about to choose. If it is a children’s party, you can have a menu with comfort food that you know kids will love. If it is a wedding, there is room for more exotic choices and adult dishes that may contain seafood or spicy sauces.

The location is also important, even if the client is going to pick up your dishes and take them him or herself. You will be able to offer better meals if you know what facilities are going to be used for the event. Is it going to be outdoors? Are they going to sit on an individual or shared tables? This may be important to decide whether a bowl of soup or chicken nuggets are an option or not.

Train your staff

Catering businesses sometimes work with additional staff to deliver a better service. Some events require waiters and waitresses to serve the meals and take care of guests. If this is the case with your business, you have to make sure you are working with the right personnel. Having a helping hand can end in a disaster if this person is not adequately trained in helping others and serving food. Remember to offer training to those who are going to work with you.

Hygiene measures are very important. Your employees need to be courteous and also clean. This is due to the fact of working with food. You also need to make sure you will have the necessary materials to offer sanitization to your employees: enough water, soap, and clean towels are a must.

Decide how food is going to be delivered

Once you have decided to serve food, this does not necessarily mean to take it to the place. In some cases, this can be done by picking up food in the caterer’s location. It is beneficial if your business is starting and you don’t have the means to deliver yet. If you have a proper vehicle, you can also offer to drop off the meals at the location of the event.