Qualities and benefits of stainless steel rice cooker


If there is something that is important when it comes to cooking, it is to choose the utensils for each preparation. On certain occasions we have wanted to make a delicious recipe and, for not choosing the right type of pan or pan, it has not stayed as we expected. As we go to cook the food we have to choose the most suitable container for each type of cooking.

About stainless steel rice cooker

The stainless steel rice cooker is indestructible if they are used correctly. They are great for all types of cooking, short or long.

Cook rice and many other recipes in stainless steel rice cookers is an easy task. The advantage of having a removable aluminium inner pot with non-stick coating makes everything simple.

With a multi-purpose rice cooker, cook rice and everything you can imagine in the easiest, fastest and most efficient way. Do not you want to eat rice today? You can become creative when creating healthy preparations thanks to cooker steam tray. Use the automatic function to keep your meals perfect until it’s time to serve them. You can also easily clean it thanks to its removable internal aluminium bowl with non-stick coating.

Features of stainless steel cooker

· Elegant stainless steel design

· Exclusive spherical heat source that ensures uniform cooking

· Pot with removable non-stick coating for easy cleaning

· One-touch button for easy operation

· Detachable power cord

· Refractory glass lid with ventilation to prevent overcooking of food

· Includes measuring cup and ladle

· Refractory glass lid, with an excess steam outlet

· Handle cold to the touch

· Lid with stainless steel ring

· Automatic thermal control

Rice cooker is multipurpose, which allows you to prepare multiple recipes in it. In addition, it is made of aluminium coated with a non-stick coating that simplifies your life and has automatic thermal control.


The rice cooker has inside a removable pot that makes it practical to wash. In addition, it has a refractory glass lid that allows you to see the state of what is being prepared.