Reason Why Juice is Better Drinks than Coffee in the Morning


Picking and drinking that cup or more cups of coffee might seem pretty easy considering the busy work or school schedule. However, you never sit and actually evaluate how this habit might impact your health. Coffee has its benefits, but there are better options especially in relation to your health. These options include juices with a variety of health benefits. There are several juices you can add to your daily routine specifically in the morning, and you will be able to feel different in a more positive direction. These juices include;

1) Lemon Juice

Lemon should be your best friend because it has many uses to a point it can be termed as a magical fruit. It is one of the most well-known citrus fruit. Lemon juice has medicinal value, and this is the reason it has been used for thousands of years. Lemons have antiviral as well as antibacterial properties that help boost your immune system. The fruit is also a rich source of vitamins especially vitamin C. Taking a glass of lemon juice every morning can turn your life around making you a happy person. The fruit is an antioxidant hence it detoxifies your body, mostly the digestive system.  Additionally, lemon juice increases your body’s metabolic rate. You should be happy because it means for all of you who need to cut some weight this is your magic potion. The best way to take it is by squeezing one or two lemons into a glass containing warm water and drinking the mixture. Honey can be added if you find it unpleasant for your taste. Try this, and you’ll have better days ahead.

2) Wheatgrass juice

You may not know this, but wheatgrass juice is gaining popularity in the world of healthy juices. Wheatgrass is actually prepared from wheat plant scientifically referred to as Triticum aestivum. This juice has a wider range of benefits. It can detoxify the liver since it contains antioxidants such as vitamin C as well as vitamin E. It reduces cholesterol in your body hence reducing the risk of cardiac diseases. It helps your body in combating cancer cells. Additionally, it helps your body regulate its blood sugar hence reducing the risk of blood pressure. You might start considering taking this juice since it is practically easy to add to your diet. Start enjoying a healthy lifestyle with some wheatgrass juice.

3) Pomegranate juice

You might be among the many who believe a drink should be stuffed with spinach to be healthy, but that’s never the case. Pomegranate juice has been there for centuries well-known for its medicinal value. This juice contains several phytochemicals. The red color of the juice is due to the presence of polyphenols that are proven to be strong antioxidants. These antioxidants help protect your body’s cells from any damage as well as reduce inflammation. The juice contains a high percentage of vitamins C. It has been scientifically proven that this juice helps in cancer prevention especially prostate cancer. Amazingly it also helps protect your body from Alzheimer’s disease. Pomegranate juice also does wonders to your digestive system by improving digestion. The juice reduces your body cholesterol which in turn reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease. Adding this juice to your diet gives you all these health benefits, and you may end up making one wise life decision.

4) Coconut juice

Coconut juice is referred to as coconut water. This water has health benefits such as it is a source of various nutrients, contains antioxidants, helps your body fight against diabetes, helps prevent a common condition referred to as kidney stones and helps reduce your body’s blood pressure. Unless you have access to coconut, it might seem difficult to have this juice in your daily diet. However, the few times you can acquire it would be prudent to purchase a few.

5) Cocktail fruit juice

Fruit juice is common in almost every household. Fruits are rich sources of vitamins with numerous health benefits. This would be the easiest and best alternative drink for you every single morning. All these juices are better than coffee since coffee has some negative impacts on your body. Therefore, you should consider making fruit juice at home using a juicer. Additionally, coffee contains caffeine that has several negative effects such as; it is addictive, it drains your body of water hence causing dehydration, it increases stress hormones in your body, and it also causes blood sugar problems.