Some of the Dishes That You Should Not Miss Tasting When In London


You will find a variety of dishes that are actually exclusive in London. When on the food tour London, you should try these dishes that are mentioned below.

Full English breakfast

Also known by another name fry-up and bacon eggs, English breakfast will never fail to amuse your taste buds in every serving. The other options for English breakfast include black pudding, fried eggs, bacon rashers, sausages, beans, mushrooms and fried tomato, and everything that is served with some side dish. You can click here for more information about the recently added dishes in the list of English breakfast.

Fish and Chips

During the era of Second World War, fishes that were fished from the North Sea were not considered as the ration item. As a result, trawl fishing became quite popular in the North Sea, which in-turn resulted with the addition of fish and chips as one of the breakfast items that the UK people love today.

Pies and Cornish Pasties

You will find the mentioning of the savory pastries every time you look at the breakfast menu that is available in any hotel or restaurant in the UK, as people here love savories. It is actually a dish that will be in round shape and is prepared by filling the dough with many savory items such as potato, cheese, chicken, mushroom, etc. You can even enjoy tasting the dish when on London food tour.

Te also known as Tea

People in London love to enjoy some drinks in their free time, and especially they prefer tea when reading a newspaper, looking at the horizon and so on. The drink will be either preferred with the addition of fresh cream or milk or just like that, with the final addition of some sugar cubes. You can learn more about such drinks that are preferred by the London people by visiting any of the food tour websites.