The Old, Iconic Restaurant Grubstak Build by Well-Known Grubb Family


Grubstak is a restaurant that is one-of-a-kind food idea created in Gilbert, Arizona that believes unique food stimulate conversations! Using fresh, as well as accustomed (but sometimes surprising!) ingredients, Grubstak stacks on the flavour in their Signature Stakes, Salads and desserts! This is where you can take your taste buds for a vacation chandler Arizona breakfast restaurants serves traditional western food.

They have signature dishes, desserts and salads that will take you back to the old West. Grubstak is locally owned and operated by Colton Grubb, who is a 3rd generation Arizona businessman as well as the grandson of Valley auto icon Lou Grubb. The tradition of the family is a promise to integrity, customer service, as well as the community, remains with Colton as well as his business Grubstak.

In 1945

In 1945, with $27 in his pocket and a dream to make a life in Arizona, Lou Grubb took a train from New York and never looked back. Through dedication and hard work, he builds one of the most identifiable business in Phoenix with Lou Grubb Chevrolet. Another part of his heritage, Lou perceived Take 5, a very popular 5-minute long radio series that focused on sharing stories, beliefs and philosophies rather than selling cars. Take 5resounded with residents of the Valley and they commended Lou to the community. His love for his work and passion for customers lives on through Colton and Grubstak.

Proud to be in East Valley

Grubstak is proud to be in East Valley and is a devotee of the Chandler-Gilbert community. Grubstak is entrenched in family morals and aims to be a place where everyone can enjoy-beliefs that represent the East Valley way of life.

Gilbert Water Tower

Their first location was in Gilbert’s Heritage Market, a part of the historic Downtown Gilbert community and in the shadow of the old iconic Water Tower of Gilbert. Stop by and look at the menu