5 Rules for Finding a Wedding Caterer That’s Right for You


Planning a wedding can be stressful not with the money, time and energy invested into planning ahead of the memorable day. However, amidst the ups and downs of choosing colors, venues and other choices to be made, some brides get lucky to find a Las Vegas Catering service attached to their desired venue. Some others, however, are not that lucky putting them on the lookout for the best possible Las Vegas Caterers available to take on their wedding ceremony and make it as spectacular as imagines.

The hunt for the perfect Las Vegas catering companies may, however, be tricky as there are several factors to consider from narrowing down your potential picks to trying out their food to make sure they provide the best service and also to test their competency in handling the number of guests budgeted for the wedding.

As it should be, food and drinks are part of the important aspects of a wedding and as such must be treated as such by hiring the perfect wedding caterers in Las Vegas.

Below are some of the recommended useful tips which will come in handy when choosing wedding caterers in Las Vegas.

1. What is Your Budget

It is important, to be frank with yourself in the aspect of finances as you can only go for the wedding caterers who are willing to provide their best possible service within the given budget. It is recommended that you know how much you have to spare before contacting a caterer for your wedding service. Additionally, it is important to relate your budget to the caterer and talk through the services which will be offered for the price budget available.

2. Ask your venue for suggestions and requirements

Most wedding venues have some specific rules which may not be as flexible as you think and as such, it is important to consult with the wedding venue as regards the company’s policy on food and drinks while on the premises. Additionally, it might be an added advantage as the wedding venue owners may have a few suggestions based on past successes.

3. Get multiple proposals

To better your chances of getting the best possible service for the amount you are willing to spread, it is important that you leverage on your power of choice by getting as many proposals from wedding caterers in Las Vegas as possible. This allows you to weigh your options carefully and choose the Las Vegas catering company that offers the best services for the price you’ve budgeted.

4. Ask about linens and dinnerware

In the event, your wedding venue does not cater for the tables, chairs, linens, and dinnerware, it is important to make an inquiry about them from your Las Vegas caterers to avoid possible mix-ups and disappointments on your big day.  Most caterers have this services although it may come at an extra cost.

5. Arrange for tastings with your top 3 choices

Things may get a little tricky here as a lot of Las Vegas catering companies do not provide for this option. However, before signing the dotted lines of the binding contract, it is advised to inquire for tasting and in the case, the company denies this offer, then there are a few ways to navigate this potential deal breaker. The most recommended way to get around this minor condition is to attend special events organized and managed by the catering service company to get a taste of what the company provides at events.