Emerging Market of Restaurant Meals for take Out or Home Delivery


The business of delivery restaurant meals to a home is rapidly changing as new online platforms are in a race to win markets and customers across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. These new internet platforms are appealing to many investors as valuations are high. There is very little knowledge about the market, its dynamics, a potential for growth and behavior of customers. And yet, five of these companies are valued at more than $1 billion.

One study

There has been one study done – was based on a 6-month study involving 16 countries around the world, and does provide some understanding of this rapidly-changing market.


The platform for these restaurants usually consists of a website, listing restaurants in your area. Take out was the first model to take off, with home delivery starting a few years behind. Now there is no reason why you can’t get restaurant meals delivered to your home every night. Part of the reasons why there may have been such growth could be that often adults in a family are all working – there are not many “stay at home” moms anymore. These multi-income families rapidly emerged after the global financial crisis of 2007.


They list restaurants, with their cena domicilio or dinner address. You can search for take-out restaurants, specialties of each and special offers. You can then pick what food or meal you want, and order something from their menu. Then you will need to choose either take out or delivery. Many pay with credit or debit cards but there are customers who still pay in cash.


The models of these websites are pretty much the same, having all the same information to make ordering your meal very easy. So, what are you planning for dinner tonight?