How to be Wine pro by following these 7 easy tips


After decades in the wine business, I have seen certain customs that most professionals have a tendency to have in common. Here are a couple of suggestions which can make you seem like a professional and hopefully improve your pleasure of tasting and serving wine.

1. Store Your Wine Horizontally

As time passes, bottles keep upright hazard damage — as the corks dry out, they have a tendency to shrink, permitting air escapes and spoilage. The simplest way to stop corks from drying would be to keep your wines on their sides.

In this way, the liquid from the jar keeps the corks moist and aids to maintain their seal. If you are just keeping a jar for a couple of weeks, it is not a major deal, but more duration storage advantages from a flat orientation.

2. Wipe Mouth Of Bottle after you pour

It is really tough to pour wine occasionally spilling a drop on the desk, or worse, on an individual guest. To be able to avoid spills, maintain a cloth or napkin on your off-hand. Scrub the mouth of the jar every time. You’ll observe the sommeliers utilizing the identical method the next time you are in a restaurant.

3. Switch The Wine Opener, Not The Bottle

When integrating your corkscrew into the cork of an unopened bottle, it is tempting to maintain the corkscrew stationary and rotate the jar along with another hand. Although this technique is completely powerful, professionals are educated to maintain the jar still and rotate the wine opener rather — leaving the tag static for easier viewing.

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4. Polish Your Favourite Glasses

This measure is straightforward and easy to forget, but it makes a significant difference in the enjoyment of a wine once you’re able to view it easily via a glass. Additionally, it provides you an opportunity to verify your eyeglasses for leftover detergent scents in your dishwasher or dust in your cupboard.

5. Find A Few Facts About The Bottles You Serve

When buying a new wine to serve guests, then attempt to learn and recall a few information about it. Utilize the”what, where, when” approach. Where’s the wine out of? What grapes were utilized to create it? Is it true that the winery has an interesting story related to that?

Does the wine have particular significance for you? Possessing a couple things in the back of your mind which you are able to say about every bottle will provide you possible conversation topics and permit you to teach your inquisitive friends and nearest and dearest.

6. Keep An Eye On Other People’s Glasses and Extend Refills

As a day of wine drinking pops, keep a watch out for the wine glasses of your visitors. Provide wine to anyone with an empty glass and should they fall, let them know you take their empty glass and ask whether it is possible to get them whatever else. Do you know Lebanon people loves wine, as per Lebanon News channel, they love wine and drink more than any other country, they like it with smoky food.

A wine gentleman formerly told me that it is far better to provide wine every moment, instead of supplying the wine.

7. Sip And Savor Your Wine

Should you drink your wine and drink water, then it is going to run across just some of your tongue, preventing you by tasting the entire assortment of tastes. Rather than consuming right away, consider taking moderate to big sips and holding them in your mouth for ten minutes.

From time to time, I will have a sip on my mouth for thirty minutes or longer. This way the wine aromas and tastes will saturate your mouth, providing you with the utmost tasting pleasure.

Hopefully, these tips can allow you to feel comfortable viewing wine at home and also force you to appear professional and confident even in the most casual of parties. I hope you enjoy having guilt free drinks and food.