My Favorite Egyptian Dishes


Egypt, a country north of the African continent, is famous for its amazing pyramids, the great sphinx, and other amazing historical landmarks. I’ll bet my last coin that Egyptian cuisine is the most attractive element in the country. Whether you are Egypt- bound or just have a curious palate, the food proves to be awesome. The flavors all tend to explode in the mouth the minute, the food touches the lips, for me that is the definition of great food.

From ancient times, Egyptian food recipes have been praised by many. One of the most ancient dishes is the ful medames that have been prepared over the years being served as breakfast in many Egyptian households. However the ful medames is not the most popular dish in the country, but it’s a close second. It is prepared with cooked fava beans being the main ingredient, the rest of the flavor is obtained from vegetable slices or eggs, cumin, chili pepper, onion, parsley, and garlic. Vegetable oil is used. Ful medames is popular in so many countries around the Mediterranean. Other Egyptian dishes that are sort after, are the mahshi, molokhia and their splendid coffee.

Egyptian coffee is mostly preferred mainly because it traces its origin to the Ottoman Empire very many years ago and who wouldn’t want to have a taste of royalty even it is only by association. Its also preferred because the grounds left after drinking the delicious beverage are often used for fortune-telling. The Egyptian coffee is brewed in a special pot called a cezve. The coffee beans must be ground to a very fine texture with mixed in with very hot water. Sugar is added in as well. The fine ground coffee beans are not sieved out when serving, they are left in the cup. The coffee is then served in yet another special cup called the kahve finjanı with sweet scones to accompany the beverage.

My favorite Egyptian dish is the famous koshari. This particular Egyptian dish was first cooked in the mid-19th century and it has been loved and enjoyed throughout the country since. The recipe is very elaborate. It is good for everyone, vegans and vegetarians included. The ingredients mainly include rice, macaroni, and lentils. This mix has earned the named mixed rice used in most Egyptian Koshari recipe books. The other ingredients include chickpeas, vinegar, garlic, crispy fried onion, and spiced tomato sauce. Vegetable oil is used in cooking. This dish is so easy to prepare you don’t need any expensive ingredients and I guess it’s definitely why I have fallen in love with it, the dish is elegantly simple.

I cannot fail to mention some of my comfort Egyptian dishes; one of them is the Mesaqa’ah. It’s an upgrade from the famous Middle East and Greece Moussaka. The Mesaqa’ah is grilled eggplant stuffed with sliced onions, chili peppers which are dipped in tomato sauce. Sometimes cooked ground beef is added. It is baked then served but I with a lot of other Egypt-bound people love it better chilled. The other comfort food is the sorbet, I will confess to the fact that I find it attractive to look at, who doesn’t love enjoying the sight of a yummy meal.

Those are just a few of my favorite Egyptian dishes, you can try finding your favorite dish by going through some of the Egyptian food Recipe books or have dinner at an Egyptian restaurant that serves these delicacy dishes and I promise you will not be disappointed.