HILITE 1 Pack Classic Chef Coat Long Sleeve – White 550WH

Selecting the right dress is important for everyone. Similarly, selecting the right dress for the chef is also of utmost importance. A beautiful uniform is the only thing which helps in differentiating between the chef and other staff in the kitchen. Though most of the restaurants provide the uniforms to their chef if your restaurant […]

The Fascination of People in Smoked Ribs

Who wouldn’t love smoked ribs? It is one of the favorites not only by adults but by kids too. That tender meat that falls right off the bone. They are messy but they are messy good. Many restaurants today include ribs in their menu. Who wouldn’t? It is what everybody is looking for. The smell […]


Should lime be filtered out of the water?

Lime is mainly the carbonates of calcium and magnesium, which change the pH value of the water into the basic and make it “hard”. If they are removed, the water becomes “softer” and thus slightly acidic. Opinions differ on the advantages and disadvantages of an acidic or basic diet, but there is no scientific evidence […]

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